Costa de Leon follows the Frank Lloyd Wright philosophy of design. Eliminate walls, blur the lines between the inside and the outside. Manipulate form, solids and voids to control light and shadows. Relate the building to the local colors and materials. Make every project unique to its site, setting and client.

Our design service begins with site analysis. We study the site to take into account views, winds, solar exposure and topography to design a building that makes the best use of all the site's features. "Exploding the box" is a term Frank Lloyd Wright used to describe architecture that eliminated unnecessary walls and blurred the line between the indoors and out. We strive to  give our designs a sculptural quality that you experience as you transition from the exterior to the interior spaces. 

We are experienced in the use of passive and active solar design, using the building shape, orientation and materials to capture the sun's heating energy and solar panels to create electricity. Proper use of shading devices, knowledge of solar angles, and strategic placement of operable windows can keep a building comfortable without the use of space conditioning a majority of the time in our local climate.