J. Antonio Diaz de Leon was a Mexican immigrant who was born in central Mexico on a ranch with no electricity nor running water. As the oldest of ten children he did not finish high school, instead working with his father to help feed the family. A chance request to help a friend drive to Los Angeles resulted in a permanent stay in the U.S.A. as his adopted country. Antonio started as a dishwasher in a restaurant, rose to head butcher, and later owned three restaurants of his own. Antonio was a hard working man who strove all his life to acquire knowledge and better himself. He made sure he spent time with his kids and prepare them for life, including college degrees. His interest in architecture and real estate was shared with his son and they remodeled, maintained and managed properties together. He was a kind soul who’s first impulse when someone asked for help was to respond with ‘Sure!’. 

In his name we now have created this scholarship and mentorship for intelligent, responsible, goal oriented, motivated boys who do not have a father, so that they can have the guidance and opportunities that Antonio created for his son. We are seeking a creative and ambitious person who shares our interest in the design, construction, ownership and management of real estate. 

•This scholarship can provide from 33% to up to 100% of tuition, depending on how many qualified and deserving applicants are selected.

•This scholarship can include from 33% to up to 100% of housing expenses in the dorms or one of Costa de Leon’s housing units, depending on how many applicants are selected and unit availability. The housing benefit has a requirement of 6-12 hours a week, depending on housing percentage allocated, of student time assisting in property maintenance. 

•This scholarship makes available to the student a partially paid internship during which the student is exposed to various aspects of real estate investment including design and drafting of renovations for interior and landscape, implementation of renovations and upgrades to properties, property management of rental units, maintenance and upkeep of real estate grounds and buildings.

•This scholarship makes available to the student a mentor as a confidant and advisor in both scholastic and personal life, as the student feels is needed. Your mentor can assist with setting and achieving goals, prioritizing time, learning life skills, overcoming adversity, developing life plans, and learning about business and government.

•This scholarship is offered to any California state resident male of European or Hispanic descent who does not have a father figure in his life and has been accepted to Cal Poly SLO as a Freshman or Sophomore.  Applicants must be accepted into one of the following programs: Architecture, Structural Engineering, Construction Management, Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture, General Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Real Property Development, Entrepreneurship. This scholarship is awarded one scholastic quarter at a time. 

•This scholarship and mentorship is intended to go to fatherless young men who show a keen interest in architectural design, the building process, and real estate ownership and management. We are looking for intelligent, goal oriented and highly motivated individuals. We seek an observant person who doesn’t coast through life, but rather views the world with a sharp and discerning eye to understand how things work and how to apply that knowledge to his own life. Applicants should be confident and energetic with a Carpe Diem attitude towards life tempered by consideration for those around them. 

•Acceptance to Cal Poly in the designated majors and maintaining a 3.0 for continued eligibility. Applicants should have a balance of physical and cultural interests. Individual physical activities such as Martial Arts or Cross Fit are given equal consideration as more traditional team sports. Creative outlets such as model making, drawing/painting, sculpture, auto and motorcycle customizing, garage projects, landscaping and home improvement are desirable qualities and photos/video should be  included. Secondary languages such as Spanish, French or Italian should be noted on the application as well as any other special abilities or talents. 

Essays may be written or video recorded, or both. All written essays and photos should be scanned and, along with videos, placed on a USB thumb drive and submitted before June 30, 2017. After review finalists will be contacted for an interview in person, if within driving distance, or by phone or Skype if not. Final notifications of award will go out by July 30, 2017

Application packages can be mailed to the address below. In addition to the USB thumb drive electronic files can  be emailed through Hightail.com or other similar transferer of large files for faster submittal.

Part One: Introduction 
• A written essay with a photograph collage, and/or a video essay of the student introducing himself, his interests, and his life. The photo collage or video should include the student in normal and every day settings, with friends and family and partaking in favorite sports, hobbies, projects and activities. The essay, photo collage or video can be as short or extensive as desired or necessary to show his background and personality. This section is intended to be unstructured and allow the applicant to be creative, so that we can get to know him. 

Part Two: Fatherhood
•A written essay or video describing your experience with fatherhood. Depending on your particular situation your essay may include some of the following topics: growing up without knowing your father, loss due to divorce, separation, estrangement or death, how not having a father negatively or positively affected your life, how you imagine life would be if you did have a positive male role model in your life. This section is intended to help us understand the value you place on fatherhood and male role models, and what you would have liked to have under other circumstances.

 Part Three: Professional and personal goals
•A written essay or video expressing your short term and long term goals. Some topics to be addressed in this essay can include: how and why you chose your major, what your professional goals are, what type of business you want to work in or own,  what types of projects you are particularly interested in, what kind of life do you want to have after graduation- to be an employee in a large corporation or start a company from the ground up, to live in a large metropolitan area or live in a small community, to stay on the Central Coast, other part of California or another state, activities you want to try, places you want to go. This section is intended to make you think about where you see yourself in 4 or 5 years after college is over and your voyage in the business world has begun, and how you want to live your life.

Don't try and think of what we want to hear. These essays are intended to make you think about your life and where you want to take it. Be yourself, be sincere, be honest and let the world unfold in front of you. And most of all, whether you go through our program or not, live your life doing something that you love.....and you'll never work a day in your life.

      Alex deLeon, President                  Costa de Leon Properties
alex@costadeleon.com                  524 Crestmont Drive
          805-784-0337                               ​San Luis Obispo, CA 93401