Costa de Leon has an extensive background in all levels of multi-family projects, from economical investor properties to upscale resort style condos. We have received multiple 'Obispo Beautiful' awards for our multi-family projects.

We research the zoning and building codes and do a site analysis to maximize the property's potential and amenities. We will evaluate your intended market and design the project to target your intended end users. We are experienced in creating projects for varying economic and aesthetic needs.

As a builder, we are familiar with all multi-family specific building and fire related code requirements that are not required in single family construction. 

As a property owner and landlord, we know what target markets desire and expect to see in their rental. We can assist in the selection of materials and building systems which are best suited for the intended market. 

We own several rental buildings in our target markets which are downtown San Luis Obispo and the south county coastlines of Pismo and Grover Beach.