D E S I G N  +  C O N S T R U C T I O N
Costa de Leon is a premier provider of design and construction services based in San Luis Obispo, but able to take on projects in any part of California. We welcome projects of all types, sizes and budgets; residential, multifamily, and commercial.

With influences rooted in the styles of Frank Lloyd Wright, pre-Columbian, Mediterranean and Southwestern architecture, Costa de Leon designs have a unique, identifiable look, ranging from a traditional Spanish home in downtown San Luis Obispo, a Baja California Resort in Pismo Beach to the Mayan hacienda which serves as Alex deLeon's home and studio.

Regardless of style, the fundamentals are always there; proportion, the interplay of solids and voids, and design motifs which all contribute to the feeling of being in a unique space.

These designs are created by a firm that offers  the ability to take a project from concept to completion. Alex deLeon, who holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cal Poly, SLO, as well as a General Contractor’s license, gives clients the option of an integrated approach. When the designer also supervises the work, there are no coordination delays between designer and builder, and no doubt that the resulting project was as the designer intended.

Costa de Leon performs design and construction services separately or together for those who prefer the advantage and efficiency of one point of contact.